We bring together investors and companies that require capital – primarily in Germany and the growth markets of China. sbc’s employees have successfully managed numerous transactions. We have contacts to a large network of important decision makers in the German and Chinese economic and political spheres. Large numbers of attractive German companies are facing generational change in the coming years. This will give investors with detailed market knowledge and access the opportunity to achieve particularly high profits. sbc can offer you that market knowledge and access.

Investments in Germany

Germany is the most important and strongest economy in Europe. Numerous companies based in the Federal Republic are among the world market leaders in their industries. German technology is highly valued around the world. The country leads the world in the fast-growing climate, energy and environment sectors. There are many opportunities for foreign investors to invest in companies in these sectors. Thanks to its innovative capabilities, highly qualified workforce, secure investment environment with favorable tax regulations, stable political system and overall strong infrastructure, Germany is very attractive to investors.

Many Chinese investors have already purchased stakes in German companies, or bought them outright.

We have expert knowledge of the market for corporate and direct investment in Germany. We have carried out a large number of transactions, or provided assistance in a consulting role. Our experienced team has strong contacts in the German manufacturing sector and the political world.

Our services:

  • Active investments in the German market by our internal Private Equity Unit
  • Identification of suitable target companies
  • Advice for Chinese companies about entering the German market
  • Support in acquiring investments in Germany
  • Access to our comprehensive network in the economic and political spheres
  • Execution of corporate acquisitions
  • Integration of a company into the buyer’s structures (post-merger integration)
  • Handling of management activities/provision of suitable managers from our network

Investing in China

China is one of the worlds fastest-growing economies. As a result, it also offers German investors promising investment opportunities in many economic sectors. Consistent per capita income growth is transforming China into a very attractive investment target with high potential for German technology. But in order to establish a lasting presence on the Chinese market, specific knowledge about the features of this complex economic area is essential. Many different factors have to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing a business location. Infrastructure and legal aspects, both nationwide and in Chinas many provinces, are also key issues. A lack of knowledge here and when it comes to bureaucratic hurdles increases the risk of bad investments. Last but not least, China is home to unique corporate cultures and mentalities. We offer experts on location who are familiar with the regional differences and sector-specific matters. You will also benefit from our network of decision-makers in politics and business. We will help you gain long-term access to Chinese markets and work with you to develop a profitable investment strategy.

Our services for you:

  • Own private equity unit acts as an investor in the Chinese market
  • Identification of worthwhile investments and companies
  • Consultation for German companies entering the Chinese market
  • Support in the acquisition of shareholdings in China
  • Use of our extensive business and political network
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Post-merger integration
  • Takeover of management responsibilities/recruitment of managers from our network

Investments by sbc AG

sbc invests in small and medium-sized companies with unresolved succession issues or that are in need of reorganization, as well as subsidiaries that are no longer engaged in the parent company’s core business. The annual revenue of the target companies is generally between approx. 5 and 80 million Euros.

Our aim is to secure the long-term future of a company by carrying out sustainable, active and operational restructuring measures. We offer a senior management team with access to an extensive network of experts. Our mind-set is entrepreneurial, and we always keep long-term goals in mind.

Those selling a company benefit from good prices and rapid execution of the transaction. We offer companies in crisis comprehensive, professional restructuring knowledge, considerable experience and – together with our investment and banking partners – a strong financial base, even for complex investments.

Process for integrated M&A consultancy by sbc

The sbc portfolio in the area of integrated M&A consultancy includes risk identification, and the provision of outsourced services such as financial and payroll accounting. We also offer support for the optimization and implementation of accounting processes on a project basis.